Tesla to mechanically close your windows if it starts raining

Ugh. That moment you look out and see the pouring rain flowing down the window pane nearby. You bite your lip as you do not forget that you left the windows open in your Tesla.

It was so hot…You had vented the windows via the Tesla app to assist prevent your glass roof from irradiating your interior into molten lava. Now the rain have to be drenching your interior, soaking your seats and floor mats. A scramble to open the app brings a welcome surprise.

Someway, your Tesla knew to shut its own windows. Has your automobile developed self-aware Artificial Intelligence? No, not yet at the least.

Tesla is added a brand new helpful function: automatic window closing with rain forecasts.

Announced on Twitter by Elon Musk on May thirtieth, 2022, Tesla now appears willing to tie meteorological forecasts to automobile actions.

While weather-based actions have been a part of API services like IFTTT, this marks the primary time Tesla has planned to make use of weather data to trigger an motion taken by a automobile.

Tesla appears to be heavily invested in weather prediction recently, as witnessed by their use of weather data in the brand new range prediction models announced in update 2022.16.

The brand new energy usage model aspects in predicted weather conditions when calculating range and energy usage.

As well as, Chinese drivers receive air quality index numbers of their status bar. Nonetheless, these features don’t affect the state of the automobile.

The flexibility for Tesla vehicles to mechanically perform certain functions based on predictive weather actually offers additional opportunities to make use of weather data.

Future use of weather data could theoretically include mechanically changing a driver’s acceleration mode to ‘Chill’ when snow and ice are forecasted.

Or, a Tesla equipped with a HEPA filter could activate Bioweapon Defense mode on Orange Air Quality days to screen out pollen and other contaminants.

The probabilities for using weather data to switch automobile settings are seemingly countless.

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