Tesla to support Bluetooth controllers in upcoming update

Tesla’s dynamic infotainment system features a growing variety of video games, some use the automobile’s steering wheel, while others use the touchscreen or require an external controller.

It is clear that Tesla’s Infotainment system will eventually be able to next-gen level gaming with the introduction of Tesla’s latest infotainment unit, MCU 3. With “as much as 10 teraflops of processing power” it is just a matter of time until highly detailed games might be played directly within the automobile.

Tesla Controller

Tesla revealed a proprietary wireless gaming controller on the Model S Plaid Delivery Event in June of 2021. The controller closely resembled a PS5 controller with two analog sticks, 4 directional buttons and 4 motion buttons. The controller also resembles a steering wheel with a closed-loop design, prone to accommodate racing games.

Since the disclosing, we haven’t heard much concerning the proprietary controller until now. Tesla’s wireless gaming controller could also be coming soon, suggests Javier Verdura, Tesla’s Director of Design. When asked in a recent Twitter conversation, if he would tell us before Tesla launches their very own game controller, Verdura responded “Of Course!”

No further details have been provided by Tesla but it is a sign that a wireless gaming controller could possibly be coming to the Tesla shop soon. You may expect it to attach via Bluetooth and sure cost somewhere between $50 and $80 USD.

Connect console controllers wirelessly

Within the meantime, Tesla owners can still benefit from the high-level gaming of the infotainment system using compatible wireless and wired controllers. Controllers just like the PS4 and Xbox One controllers can only hook up with a Tesla when connected via a USB cable.

Nevertheless, some Teslas at the moment are being delivered without the power to transfer data from the front or rear USB ports, causing existing controllers to now not work. The USB port within the glovebox remains to be capable of knowledge transfer, however it’s normally dedicated to a USB drive for use with Tesla’s Dashcam and Sentry Mode.

In case your vehicle doesn’t have USB ports which might be able to transfering data, you would use the USB port within the glovebox to attach a controller. Nevertheless, Tesla doesn’t imagine this offers an excellent experience and it’s why they’re excluding games like Sonic from appearing in vehicles that should not have data capable USB ports.

This nevertheless, could also be a short lived setback. In an unsubstantiated Reddit post, Tesla Service allegedly confirmed to a customer that “They [Tesla] are working on having controllers connect through Bluetooth within the vehicle and can release those games once they’ve the connectivity for the Bluetooth controllers ironed out.”

This seemingly points to Tesla introducing their very own controller and/or allowing external controllers to attach via Bluetooth within the near future. It’s possible you’ll soon have the opportunity to hook up with your PS4 or Xbox One controller wirelessly to your Tesla.

Tesla owners can rest assured that it is just a matter of time before the proprietary wireless controller and/or console gaming controllers are in a position to wirelessly hook up with Tesla’s infotainment system.

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