Tesla’s myQ WiFi garage door support, its cost and features

Tesla is on the point of introduce WiFi garage door support to their vehicles through MyQ.

Since our article yesterday additional details have emerged about how MyQ will operate, which vehicles will likely be supported and whether there will likely be a price to make use of the service. This information relies on a page that appeared briefly on MyQ’s website but has since been removed.

Vehicles Supported

MyQ’s website stated that support for his or her garage door openers can be coming to the Model 3 and Model Y. While this makes numerous sense because those vehicles don’t include a HomeLink module, we would be surprised if Tesla didn’t also add support for the Model S and Model X.


Let’s get cost out of the way in which. Although MyQ doesn’t charge a fee today to remotely open and shut their garage doors, they do plan on charging a fee to make use of their devices in vehicles. This could possibly be checked out similarly to how some services are free to make use of on a PC but require a subscription to make use of in your cell phone.

The value posted on MyQ’s website was a five-year plan for $179, which remains to be cheaper than Tesla’s $350 installation cost for HomeLink.

Unfortunately, this removes a giant profit we thought MyQ would have over buying a HomeLink module for the Model 3 or Model Y. For Model S and Model X owners who have already got HomeLink included of their vehicles, it could not make as much sense.

Nevertheless, MyQ does provide some benefits over HomeLink.


The excellent news is that MyQ integration will likely be very much like HomeLink, and higher in some ways. What appears to be a rendering of the feature working in a Tesla was also posted to their website which shows off a screen very much like HomeLink.

On the MyQ settings screen, you’ll need a listing of supported devices on the left side, similar to garage doors, gates and possibly lights, but we’ve not see any evidence of the latter yet.

On the correct side, you will see options pertaining to the device chosen, similar to its current state, whether the garage door should auto-open or close and the gap when the device ought to be triggered.

You will also have the opportunity to have the vehicle fold in its mirrors when reaching the goal location.

In case you’ve used HomeLink, this could all look very familiar because it’s almost the exact same. Nevertheless, there are a few differences that give the advantage to MyQ.

The primary is that MyQ is a better system and it knows the state of your garage door. So for those who’re arriving home and the garage door is already open, it won’t attempt to close it on you.

The opposite advantage is distance. Since MyQ works over the web you will have the opportunity to trigger the garage door or gate from further down the driveway, giving the door loads of time to completely open before you arrive.

MyQ supports an array of devices, but it surely waits to be seen whether there will likely be support for these additional devices similar to lights and door locks.

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