You will soon give you the option to attach your Wall Connector to Tesla’s app

Tesla, always growing its interconnected ecosystem of products seems to have set its sights on the initial oversight of leaving Wall Connectors to fend for themselves on the web.

While the Generation 1 and Generation 2 Wall Connectors lacked WiFi connectivity, Generation 3 Wall Connectors were designed with 2.4 Ghz WiFi (unfortunately they do not support 5 Ghz networks) which allowed for over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades and Ad-Hoc connections with devices with the intention to arrange and troubleshoot the device.

Oddly, the chargers didn’t exchange data with the Tesla App (keeping owners at midnight about any data, updates, usage, etc).

Nonetheless, it it appears this may occasionally soon change.

In keeping with Tesla_Adri on Twitter, the newest app update, 4.10.0, has recent string references within the code to Wall Connector connectivity.

It is feasible that Tesla could also be preparing to permit owners to fine-tune Wall Connector settings.

These settings may include the power to regulate what cars can utilize the wall connector and the power to decide on to put in updates via the Tesla app.

It could also allow owners to pick out “allowed” Teslas and non-Teslas to charge via their phone. As well as, there are references to a “garage manager.” While details are scant, it’s conceivable Tesla can also allow the combination of a Wifi garage door opener as a part of this give attention to improving the house charging experience.

It now appears that Tesla is testing this functionality with some users who’ve the newest Tesla app.

You possibly can see if you might have access by tapping in your Profile icon on the highest right corner, then selecting Add/Remove Products. If you might have access, you will see the power so as to add a Wall Connector along with the standard options of Vehicle and Powerwall.

Useless to say, for a lot of Tesla owners that enjoy the power to view live data and simply make settings changes to their solar roofs, solar panels, Poweralls, and cars, this small change to Wall Connectors can be welcome.

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