Tesla Announces First West Coast Engineering Headquarters in California [VIDEO]

California and Tesla, the revolutionary automaker led by Elon Musk, have just made a groundbreaking announcement: Tesla is unveiling a new global engineering headquarters in the Golden State! This is thrilling news for tech and autoenthusiasts alike, as the new facility promises to be a powerhouse of innovation and virtually unrivaled engineering. From the ground up, Tesla‘s new facility is sure to pave the way to the future of automotive technology. Keep your eyes peeled, because the future of the autoindustry is gonna look a whole lot different and sound like a Tesla!

Are you excited? Governor Gavin Newsom and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have made an announcement that we are all sure to be enthusiastic about! With the Governor and a tech leader like Elon Musk joining forces, this is an exciting time. Get ready for whats to come. Lets all join in the celebration and look forward to the bright future that this announcement brings.

Tesla is making a statementmuscling in on the office space previously occupied by Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto. The electric vehicle company made a power move from California to Austin, Texas, in early 2021. Exciting times are ahead as they expand their presence in the tech capital of the U.S.!

Elon Musk recently praised Governor Newsom by reminiscing about the time he put down a serious deposit for one of Tesla‘s original Roadsters. With an impressive $100,000, Newsom became one of the first people to order the groundbreaking vehicle back in 2007, and this moment is something that Musk won‘t soon forget. We think its safe to say, Governor Newsom is an undeniable fan of Tesla!

Californians rejoice as Tesla, a pioneering electric vehicle company, has chosen the Golden State as its worldwide engineering headquarters! Governor Gavin Newsom has touted this major business coup as proof of California‘s thriving environment for talent and innovation. With this news, the state is solidifying its place as a leader in the global economy!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlighted the incredible accomplishments of its Californiabased factory as the most productive auto plant in North America. Tesla is on track to deliver a whopping 600,000 cars this year, and Musk notes California‘s dedication to manufacturing and innovation as the reason for their success. For Tesla, the Golden State has truly been the land of opportunity!

You possibly can watch the short video announcement replay below:

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