Tesla Continues to Install Magic Dock at US Superchargers for All-EV A

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Tesla continues to put in Magic Dock on its Superchargers within the US to open them to all EVs. Their number continues to grow in Latest York State, hinting that testing of this system will begin here.

It was revealed midway through this week that Tesla had retrofitted its first Supercharger site for third-party electric vehicles within the US. This Supercharger station is situated at 5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, Latest York, just two hours from Giga Latest York in Buffalo, where Tesla makes Supercharger piles. For the reason that news broke, several Tesla automotive owners have traveled to see the Magic Dock installed there in person. To be clear, the Magic Dock stations can still be utilized by Tesla owners with the proprietary connector. Nevertheless, with the Tesla App, they unlock a CCS adapter which is able to allow other EVs to charge.

@OutofSpecDave/Twitter was one in all those that desired to see the Magic Dock installed in Verona in person. Nevertheless, there have been additional surprises in store for him on this journey. In response to several videos posted throughout Saturday, he was in a position to locate two more Supercharger sites in Latest York State with the Magic Dock in place. One in every of them was present in Brewster, and the opposite in Red Hook. Along the way in which, he also visited Supercharger stations in Albany and Utica, though no additional equipment was installed there.

To this point, Latest York State is the just one within the US where Magic Docks have been spotted. This hints that this state may begin testing a charging program for non-Tesla vehicles. This can also be a wise move considering that the Supercharger and Magic Dock factory is situated here.

Tesla has committed to opening about 7,500 Supercharger stations by the top of next 12 months for all EV drivers within the US. The move is meant to encourage the spread of electrical vehicles within the country and contribute to the success of america in achieving its goals.


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