Tesla Cybertruck tooling officially begins at Gigafactory Texas

Tesla Cybertruck tooling has officially begun at Gigafactory Texas because the vehicle begins to enter production inside the subsequent yr.

Tesla released its Q3 2022 Shareholder Deck on Wednesday just after Market Close, where the Cybertruck was listed as “Tooling” as an alternative of the “In Development” label the automaker gave it last quarter.

Credit: Tesla

The Cybertruck is about to start production at Gigafactory Texas next yr after delays attributable to supply chain disruptions and parts shortages hit Tesla on two occasions. Tesla also was working on finalizing the design, which CEO Elon Musk announced was accomplished earlier this yr.

It’s no secret that Tesla has been hit hard by supply chain disruptions as earlier this yr Elon Musk announced the corporate would delay the launch of any latest products in 2022. Nonetheless, the corporate has remained resilient and still plans to start deliveries of the Tesla Semi to PepsiCo. in December.

After revising the Cybertruck’s expected production date to mid-2023 earlier this yr, it seems Tesla is now greater than able to begin preparing for the early manufacturing stages of the electrical pickup.

Tesla reportedly will use an IDRA 9,000-ton Giga Press for the Cybertruck, and the machine rumoredly entered the USA in Houston, Texas, on October 7. Moreover, Tesla was reportedly preparing to take delivery of several latest production systems for the Cybertruck, which were ordered from German manufacturers.

Last week, we reported Tesla Cybertruck builds were spotted under wraps outside Gigafactory Texas, further solidifying the idea that Tesla is coming near starting manufacturing. These builds were greater than likely test units prepared to check manufacturing efficiency and accuracy to date. Nonetheless, they shipped from Fremont, as Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted on production lines within the California factory.

Tesla can be preparing to start stockpiling Cybertruck battery packs, which it is going to initially produce on the Fremont factory as well. Teslarati reported earlier today that Cybertruck battery pack lines are being installed on the second floor of Fremont, with Tesla nearing potential testing phases shortly.

Tesla reported total revenues of $21.454 billion with a gross profit of $5.382 billion for Q3. The corporate also posted a non-GAAP EPS of $1.05.

Tesla Cybertruck tooling officially begins at Gigafactory Texas

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