Tesla May Have Shown Off the Design of its Latest Automobile Model in its Engine

Image: Tesla

Tesla could have shown off the design of their recent automotive model within the Engineering HQ video. It could possibly be assumed that this might be a mini crossover or hatchback, which has a really high likelihood of capturing an enormous share of the market.

Tesla announced the California Engineering HQ in Palo Alto on Wednesday. The corporate’s CEO Elon Musk and California Gov. Gavin Newsom met to tour Tesla’s recent engineering headquarters before making the official announcement, which was streamed live from the corporate’s Twitter account. In reference to this event, the corporate released a special video, which could have contained extremely necessary and interesting information.

The 22-minute video posted by Tesla’s Twitter account details the corporate’s recent engineering headquarters in Palo Alto. It incorporates information in regards to the design and engineering work of the corporate, nonetheless only for a moment, we are able to see a table on which lies some interesting drawings of cars. One in every of the sketches seems familiar to us, as it is extremely much like the design that was first shown in 2020 by Tesla China. Others are much like it and the common feature that unites them is that they appear like a smaller hatchback. Nevertheless, evidently the bottom clearance is kind of high, and the automotive looks more like a mini crossover.

On March 1, at Investor Day, Tesla is preparing to introduce a brand new generation platform. As company executives have previously explained, the brand new platform might be released only when the corporate can achieve a halving of production costs, and might produce twice as many cars similtaneously with the present Model 3/Y platform. Given this, evidently Tesla already has a clearly marked path to attain its goal, and the brand new automotive model on the brand new platform could be much like one in every of the sketches within the video.


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