Tesla Owners Are Ditching Their Cars Because Of Elon Musk’s Antics

Are you a die-hard Tesla fan? It’s possible you’ll wish to reconsider. A growing variety of Tesla owners are fed up with CEO Elon Musk’s antics and are opting to ditch the electrical automotive brand. Once known for his forward-thinking and visionary approach, Elon Musk’s online persona has taken a pointy turn in recent months, becoming increasingly erratic and polarizing. From his acquisition of Twitter to his controversial right-wing views, many Tesla fans are rethinking their loyalty to the brand.

Bob Perkowitz, one in every of Tesla’s former supporters, was among the many first 2,000 individuals to book a Model S in 2009. He was thrilled with the automotive, upgrading to a 2017 edition and even prepping to buy a 2022 model. But as Musk’s online antics began to escalate, Perkowitz had a change of heart.

“Elon was a very good reason to purchase the automotive. He had an awesome brand. He will not be such an awesome brand anymore,” Perkowitz told Insider.

It isn’t just Perkowitz who feels this fashion. Tesla owner Alan Lasoff of California, who currently has a Model Y SUV on a lease, won’t renew his lease when it expires. “Musk’s hypocrisy” is the rationale cited for his decision.

With Musk’s behaviour becoming increasingly controversial, many Tesla owners are starting to query whether the brand’s association with its CEO is definitely worth the headache.

“He told everybody he’s buying Twitter because he wants it to be form of apolitical, and on the eve of the election he says you need to vote for Republicans,” Insider quoted Alan Lasoff as saying. “He can have his opinion, however the thing I actually despise in people is hypocrisy.”

Tesla owners are rethinking their loyalty to the brand attributable to Elon Musk’s increasingly controversial behaviour. That is harming the corporate, with many on the lookout for other options. Nevertheless, Tesla’s technology and innovation in electric cars remain unmatched within the industry. Though it’s yet to be seen how much the corporate shall be affected by Musk’s antics, the corporate has a powerful base of fans, and its mission stays essential.

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