Honda thinks they’ve solved electric motorcycle charging

Honda has unveiled their recent battery swap station, the Honda Power Pack Exchange e (HPPEe).

Honda has big plans to affect its motorcycle division in the approaching years, and a part of that plan is ensuring that customers can keep their bikes charged. To perform this, Honda has cooperated with a big group of manufacturers in standardizing swappable batteries for motorcycles and scooters. And the place where Honda wants you to swap these batteries is the Honda Power Pack Exchange e.

The all-new HPPEe will probably be deployed first in Japan and India, where the swappable battery signatories, including Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki, could sell their bikes alongside the brand new infrastructure. The standardized battery version from Honda is the Honda Mobile Power Pack e (HMPPe). Nonetheless, many anticipate the battery system will make its method to other Asian markets where two/three-wheeled transportation is the norm.

The HPPEe is a scalable solution to battery swapping. Each “cabinet” can hold and charge 12 batteries (HMPPes) without delay, while the cupboards might be hooked together to supply more batteries to high-demand locations. The strategy of swapping batteries is intuitive. Customers place their depleted battery within the exchange (HPPEe), use a chosen RFID card to unlock a charged battery, after which place the charged battery into their vehicle.

Each battery has a capability of 1.3kWh and, in line with Honda’s Japanese website, has an MSRP of 88,000 yen ($601). Different numbers of batteries might be used in numerous motorcycles/scooters, allowing manufacturers and customers to make your mind up how much capability they need.

In Honda’s electric motorcycle announcement earlier this 12 months, that they had planned for varied motorcycles to come back to the U.S. and Europe. Nonetheless, it’s unclear if the corporate also plans to introduce battery-swapping stations in these locations. In all likelihood, these stations wouldn’t be available as a result of the far smaller demand for motorcycles in western countries. As an alternative, Honda and other manufacturers would aim for fast charging capabilities to satisfy customer needs.

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