Soon to Roll Out: The 2021 Tesla Semi Heavy Truck

The Incredible Tesla Semi 2021: A Revolution in the Trucking Industry


Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the most famous entrepreneurs of the time, attracting attention from across the world for his ambitious projects and sensational take on various topics. One of his most ambitious projects is the Tesla Semi, an all-electric battery-powered semi-truck that is set to revolutionize the trucking industry. In this article, we will explore the history of the Tesla Semi, its designs, features, and capabilities, as well as the pre-orders and critical responses it received.

The Tesla Semi: Origins

The idea of the Tesla Semi was first mentioned in the Tesla 2016 Master Plan, where the team talked about building a model that used Tesla Model 3 electric motors. The program was led by Jerome Guillen, the ex-president of Tesla, who developed a prototype using this concept. In 2017, the Tesla Semi concept was unveiled, and the company claimed that the model would have a 500 miles range on one full charge.

Tesla Semi: Design

The Tesla Semi boasts a futuristic and minimalistic ergonomic design that maximizes the utilization of the truck’s chassis, making it one of the most cargo-able semi-trucks on the market. The design is based on automotive aerodynamics, which enhances its performance features. The Tesla semi is designed with doors on either side that are flush-mounted, with a center-mount driving position for maximum visibility and control for the driver. The driver’s seat is mounted at a more forward position, behind the cabinet, which provides more room inside the cabinet than its rival semi-trucks like Freightliner and International.

The battery pack is mounted under the cabinet floor, which reduces the semi-truck’s streamlined body and lowers its center of gravity compared to diesel-powered trucks, increasing its high-speed stability on the roads. The interior of the truck features two monitors on either panel of the steering wheel, with the left handling vehicular and trunk-specific functions, and the right managing navigation and radio. Furthermore, the semi-truck features forward-facing cameras mounted at the base of the windscreen to play a part in the Autopilot system.

Tesla Semi: Capabilities

The Tesla semi is a game-changer in terms of its performance capabilities, as it provides an acceleration of 0-60 mph on freight of 80 thousand lbs, in about 20 seconds. The cost savings for this futuristic beast can amount to 200,000 dollars in fuel costs over the lifespan of the truck. The electric-powered truck has no gearbox and uses regenerative braking, powered by four electric motors that previously powered the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Semi: Pre-orders and Critic Response

The Tesla Semi generated a lot of buzz, with the first pre-order coming on the day of the press conference. By the mid of January 2018, around 450 Tesla Semi trucks were pre-ordered, with an original deposit of 5 thousand dollars, which was later increased to nearly 20 thousand dollars after an event conducted by Tesla in November 2017. Elon Musk announced in the first-quarter earnings report of the 2018 Tesla earnings call that about 2,000 pre-orders of the Tesla Semi truck were received.

Despite the buzz surrounding the Tesla Semi, the critical response was skeptical, with Jefferies Group expressing reservations about some of Tesla’s claims. Tesla had not determined the battery’s longevity, the replacement cost of the battery, and the other details required to calculate the long-term cost of ownership. Therefore, to calculate the truck’s long-term cost of ownership, Tesla needs to determine these vital aspects.


In conclusion, the Tesla Semi is a revolutionary semi-truck, which stands to change the trucking industry. Its impressive acceleration, efficient battery, and advanced Autopilot system, together with its futuristic and minimalistic ergonomic design, make it an attractive and economically efficient choice for the long term. Even though there are some doubts about the truck’s long-term cost of ownership, Tesla’s futuristic vision pushes it to make the Semi a trailblazer in the electric vehicle market.

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