Tesla Launching Unlimited Overnight Home Charging in Texas for $30/month

During a presentation of Tesla’s energy business by Drew Baglino yesterday at the corporate’s Investor Day, a brand new charging offer was teased and set to launch this summer.

Baglino, the Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, detailed how the corporate’s Megafactory in Lathrop, California, was accomplished in lower than 12 months. He noted since 2019, installation projects have increased in speed by 4x.

Tesla Electric is the corporate’s offering in Texas immediately and is about to expand to other markets, in a similar way like Tesla Insurance.

The service is offered for individuals with Powerwalls in competitive retail electricity markets within the state.

One latest service coming in July, in line with Baglino, is “a retail electricity plan to individuals who have our cars where they will have unlimited overnight home charging for $30/month.”

“This is an element of reducing the entire cost of ownership of our vehicles, and the explanation why we are able to do it is because Texas has a tonne of wind. And in Texas the wind blows at night,” said Baglino.

“So we’re actually serving these customers at night for his or her cars is the most effective thing to do for everybody. It is a approach to incentivize people to charge at home at night, directly from renewable power. This is an element of the grand master plan we talked about firstly,” added Baglino, referring to the start of the Investor Day presentation.

You’ll be able to watch Baglino detail the plan on the 2 hour and 40 minute mark of the video below:

For Tesla vehicle customers that drive quite a bit in Texas, this overnight charging plan could also be cheaper than other options.

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