Tesla’s recent Energy App feature on mobile

The Tesla Energy App offers detailed information to drivers about their vehicles’ energy use, and now the automaker has made the feature available on mobile. Tesla’s recent mobile app update includes the identical Energy App that’s available in its cars, as added in a recent update.

Above: The mobile interface for Tesla’s Energy App. (Image: Not a Tesla App)

Tesla’s mobile app version 4.16.1 brought with it a brand new feature that lets select drivers test vehicle range and overall energy use, as detailed in a report from Not a Tesla App. The feature is analogous to the Energy App that appears in Tesla’s vehicles with last 12 months’s 2022.36 software update, giving users access to more comprehensive details about how their cars run.

The primary feature of the app is the Vehicle Range tab, which breaks down how energy was utilized in essentially the most recent trip. Moreover, the category lets drivers take a look at energy consumed while vehicles are in park. The app breaks down a vehicle’s energy use into the categories Driving, Climate, Elevation, Battery Conditioning and Every thing Else.

Although the mobile app could be very much like the automotive’s Energy App, Tesla did vouch to remove a number of things from the interface on smartphones for an easier feel and look. The Trip feature, for instance, lets users only view the general expected range, though the in-vehicle app lets drivers switch between rated range and projected range.

The info shown on the app reflects various environmental and road aspects, including the temperature, the wind speed and direction, overall driving speed and road elevation. Users can even use the app to request service, view video guides, owner’s manuals and more.

Currently, the feature is simply available in certain areas, with the primary documented update coming from Richard Lopes of Portugal-based EV rental service Watts on Wheels. Not a Tesla App points out that the updated mobile app uses a server-side configuration, allowing Tesla to roll the feature out at any time. Still, Tesla should be polishing up the app and will still push out fixes before a wider release.

Interestingly, the mobile version of  the app is accessible to owners of legacy Model S units, although these cars don’t include the in-vehicle Energy App. This might suggest that Tesla plans to launch the Energy App in legacy vehicles with future updates, or at the very least let users use the mobile app of their cars.

The flexibility to see detailed energy consumption for vehicles serves to profit owners, letting them plan higher for future trips, see what features eat essentially the most energy and avoid activities that use plenty of energy. In the long term, it should make a significant difference for drivers trying to maximize efficiency once it finally rolls out to a wider audience.


Source: Not a Tesla App

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