DC fast charger maker Tritium just got an enormous order from BP

DC fast charger maker Tritium today announced that it has received its largest single order of EV chargers ever, from BP.

That is BP’s second major order from Tritium, following an initial order in April 2022 for just below 1,000 chargers for the UK, Australia, and Recent Zealand.

Tritium won’t yet reveal exactly what number of chargers BP has ordered this time around, but we understand it’s greater than 1,000. We also know that those chargers will likely be installed within the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia, as BP works to expand its EV charging network, BP pulse.

The 2 corporations have entered right into a multi-year contract for a world supply of EV chargers and related services.

BP has ordered a mixture of Tritium’s 50 kW RTM and 150 kW PKM chargers. Tritium’s 50 kW RTM is the corporate’s first modular charger, which Tritium says is right for network operators, dealerships, and the retail and hospitality industries. The RTM uses a single-person lift power module system for easier power upgrades, maintenance, and serviceability.

Tritium’s 150 kW PKM charger leverages shared power to deliver higher EV charger availability and power output through Tritium’s micro-grid design. It’s popular across fleets, network operators, heavy industrial units, retail, and hospitality.

Tritium will manufacture BP’s European and US EV chargers at its Lebanon, Tennessee, factory, which launched at the top of August 2022. The factory is predicted to succeed in a production capability of 30,000 units per 12 months once it’s fully up and running. BP’s Australia market chargers will likely be manufactured in Tritium’s Brisbane factory, which has a capability of 5,000 units per 12 months.

Tritium (Nasdaq: DCFC) announced today that it received record sales orders valued at $195 million in calendar 12 months 2022 and saw growth of 38% over calendar 12 months 2021’s results of $141 million.

The corporate’s expected revenue for calendar 12 months 2023 is in excess of $200 million, corresponding to annual growth of over 100%, with roughly 35% forecasted for the primary half of calendar 12 months 2023 and the balance within the second half of calendar 12 months 2023.

In 2022, Tritium announced it was partnering up with DC-America, which designs, makes, and installs EV charging stations, to create a US-wide, federally funded EV charging network. DC-America is anticipating receiving its stocking order of pre-purchased Tritium chargers in the primary half of this 12 months.

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