Tesla fires dozens of employees at Giga Latest York after unionization effort

Tesla has fired dozens of employees at Gigafactory Latest York after a brand new unionization effort was launched this week, in line with a brand new criticism with the US National Labor Relations Board.

As we reported earlier this week, staff at Gigafactory Latest York, where now almost a thousand staff perform data annotation for Tesla’s Autopilot and self-driving efforts, announced their intent to unionize.

The hassle began with the information labelers who want higher pay, job security, and fewer tracking at work, and it’s supported by Staff United, which is understood for having unionized staff at a whole bunch of Starbucks stores.

In addition they plan so as to add the ~1,000 manufacturing staff at Gigafactory Latest York in Buffalo to the unionization effort.

After they announced the union push on Tuesday, Tesla has reportedly fired dozens of employees on the plant – including several who were linked to the unionization effort, in line with a criticism filed by Staff United with the US National Labor Relations Board.

Bloomberg reports on the criticism:

In a filing with the US National Labor Relations Board, the union Staff United accused Tesla of illegally terminating the staff “in retaliation for union activity and to discourage union activity.” The union asked the labor board to hunt a federal court injunction “to forestall irreparable destruction of worker rights resulting from Tesla’s illegal conduct.”

Jaz Brisack, a Staff United organizer working on the Tesla union drive at Giga Latest York, commented on the terminations:

“It is a type of collective retaliation against the team of workers that began this organizing effort. The terminations are designed to terrify everyone about potential consequences of them organizing, in addition to to try and cull the herd.”

Arian Berek, a Tesla worker who was one in all the organizers and was amongst those terminated Wednesday, commented:

“I feel blindsided. I got COVID and was out of the office, then I needed to take a bereavement leave. I returned to work, was told I used to be exceeding expectations after which Wednesday got here along.”

While they claim that the firings are illegal, the union organizers at Gigafactory Latest York claim that they’re helping the trouble.

Sara Costantino, a Tesla employee on the Autopilot team at Giga Latest York and a member of the union organizing committee, commented:

“It’s pretty clear the message they’re sending. They’re attempting to scare us. And it’s really I feel backfiring on them. It has really opened people’s eyes to the proven fact that because of this we’d like a union.”

It’s not the primary time that Tesla has been in trouble with the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and specifically for firing people related to union drives.

In 2021, NLRB ruled that Tesla violated labor laws by firing an worker over what they claimed was union support and since of a tweet during which Elon Musk stated that unionized employees would lose their stock options as a part of their compensation package.

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