Tesla Model 3 ‘Project Highland’ Spotted with Latest Wheels within the Wild [PICS]

Photo: The Kilowatts

A Tesla Model 3 that appears to be a prototype of the automaker’s rumoured Highland project refresh was spotted in Fremont by @The Kilowatts on Wednesday, complete with recent wheels that might come stock with the entry model.

The post includes photos of the Model 3 from the edges near the front and the rear, showing the updated wheels from pretty close.

The wheels look like 18 inches like the present stock aero wheels, though they include thinner spokes with a brand new design, and are also in a dark matte finish, unlike the present silver aero wheels.

Each the front and rear of this Model 3 are covered, hiding what many consider are upcoming minor refreshes to the Model 3, and sure Model Y as well.

The Model 3 appears to have a smoother front bumper, an extended repeater camera area (just like the Model Y) and a number of cables hanging out of the rear door, likely for some form of specific testing.

The news comes just a number of months after a report suggested that the manufacturing process revamp to the Model 3, dubbed “Highland,” could be coming in 2023. The refreshed process is anticipated to reduce hardware and components and simplify the vehicle’s interior.

A report from last week also said that Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is upgrading one production line to organize for the Model 3 Highland refresh.

The Kilowatts have been on a Tesla spotting spree these days, sharing with the web some first images of rumoured hardware 4 Autopilot camera changes for the Model S and Model X.

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