Tesla Stock Rallies as Bull and Bear Debates Increase.

Tesla Bull Run

Tesla Bull Run

Tesla‘s (NASDAQ:TSLA) latest earnings report triggered a mixed response on Wall Street, with some analysts dazzled by its recordbreaking quarterly profit and robust growth while others were concerned about its margin rates, free cash flow pressures, and inflated valuation.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas defended the slight miss stating it was mostly in line with price cuts in China and lower raw material costs. However, he highlighted the free cash flow number, which was weaker than anticipated, which he attributed to $2.2B in working capital usage. The firm maintained its rating of Tesla (TSLA) as a Chubby and $200 price target. They also named the EV stock as their top pick in the automobile sector.


Wedbush Securities raised its price target for Tesla (TSLA) from $175 to $200 in its Outperform rating. Dan Ives from the firm commented that Tesla, in spite of its nearterm margins, is going to be a frontrunner in defending its customer base given increasing competition from Detroit, Europe, and China‘s EV space.

Analysts responded positively to Tesla‘s (TSLA) fourth quarter earnings release, with firms such as Wolfe Research, Citi, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo issuing revised price targets for the electric vehicle stock.

Wolfe Research raised its price target for Tesla to $185 citing its more bullish outlook for 2023 growth. Citi boosted its price target to $146 from $137, and Bank of America increased its goal to $155 from $130 given its view of a fair share price. Analyst John Murphy from Bank of America went on to comment that Tesla‘s selffunding status and access to lowcost capital should support growth.

However, a more bearish sentiment came from Wells Fargo. Analyst Colin Langan and team stated that they were surprised to see shares go up after the fourth quarter results due to investors being excited by delivery guidance and margin numbers. He cautioned that margin targets may not be achievable and that IRA savings fell below expectations.

Bernstein was split on Tesla‘s results, but ultimately stayed in the bearish camp due to Tesla stock‘s valuation concerns. Analyst Toni Sacconaghi kept to his Market Perform rating.

Investors are carefully examining Tesal Motors (TSLA) amid speculation of longterm upside potential. Leon Laake wrote on InSearchOfAlpha in regards to the company‘s future prospects, while Bill Maurer delved into why the recent numbers were not as strong as expected. As investors seek to gain a better understanding of TSLA in order to make informed decisions, Laake and Maurer provide insight into the sustainability of the company‘s current accomplishments as well as its potential for future growth. It is important to look beyond recent numbers and take into account the longterm prospects for the company in order to assess its future ranking among its peers.

The analysts at teslaville.com are bullish on Tesla due to the company‘s promising growth. Tesla‘s recent company announcements, such as the launch of its Cybertruck and the introduction of their Tesla Semi, contribute to their potential of continued growth. In addition, the analysts believe that Tesla‘s brand strength will continue to remain strong, leading to higher demand for their products.

Moreover, teslaville.com analysts expect Tesla‘s market capitalization to increase. This increase in market capitalization allows the company to become more competitive and attracts more investors. Therefore, the analysts believe that the 6month price range of 225190 moving average is suitable for investors to consider investing in Tesla in order to get a good return on their investments.

Overall, teslaville.com analysts have rated Tesla as abuy due to its promising growth and increasing market capitalization. Therefore, investors should consider investing in Tesla within the 6month price range of 225190 moving average in order to get a good return on their investments.

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