The Eternally Battery That Guarantees to Change the EV Industry

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Editor’s note: “The Eternally Battery That Guarantees to Change the EV Industry” was previously published in November 2022. It has since been updated to incorporate probably the most relevant information available.

The EV Revolution is in full-swing immediately. 

After greater than tripling in 2021, global electric vehicle sales rose over 60% in the primary six months of 2022. Impressively, that red-hot growth got here even while the worldwide economy slowed dramatically and overall auto sales were actually down almost 10%!

Folks, things couldn’t be clearer. The EV Revolution has arrived. 

But here’s the thing: The EV Revolution won’t go mainstream until we make higher batteries

The straightforward reality is that while batteries make things work, today’s batteries are literally keeping EVs from working in addition to they might. 

Sure, it seems counterintuitive. But it is usually absolutely true. To know why, we want to take a fast trip back to chemistry class.

Battery Chemistry 101

Batteries comprise three things a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte. Batteries work by promoting the flow of ions between the cathode and anode through the electrolyte.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries — that are currently the dominant establishment — are built on liquid battery chemistry. That’s, they comprise a solid cathode and anode, with a liquid electrolyte solution connecting the 2.

These batteries have worked wonders for years. But as a consequence of the physical constraints of coping with a liquid electrolyte, they are actually reaching their limit by way of energy cell density.

You may only compress a liquid a lot. So, these batteries can only get so small and might only pack in a lot charge.

We are actually reaching those limits. And that implies that conventional lithium-ion batteries won’t ever give you the option to charge your phone in minutes. They won’t make your laptop last for days or power your electric automotive for hundreds of miles on one charge.

Insert the solid-state battery.

Emergence of the Eternally Battery

You are taking the liquid electrolyte solution in conventional batteries and compress it right into a solid. That creates a hyper-compact solid battery. And because it has zero wasted space and theoretically infinite energy density, it lasts far longer and charges far faster.

In fact, the implications of solid-state battery chemistry are huge.

Solid-state batteries could possibly be the important thing to creating our phones sustain power for days or charging our smartwatches in seconds. They may allow electric cars to drive for hundreds of miles with no need to recharge.

But making solid-state batteries is not any small task. Perhaps unsurprisingly, fundamentally changing the world’s battery science is a fancy, costly process.

Specifically, adoption of solid-state batteries has been essentially non-existent, despite their theoretical superiority, for 2 major reasons:

  1. They’re exceptionally expensive to make. That’s due to high anode costs, an absence of producing scale, and lack of expertise as to what solid electrolyte solutions work best for the battery.
  2. They have an inclination to short-circuit due to something called “dendrites.” These are mainly small cracks that form within the solid electrolyte substance over time, rendering the battery useless.

Nobody has yet realized find out how to side-step these obstacles and affordably (or sustainably) make effective solid-state batteries en masse…

Until now.

QuantumScape’s Industry-Leading Tech

A team of genius Stanford professors and scientists decided they desired to tackle this problem. In 2010, alongside a couple of tech execs and with backing from a number of the most prestigious enterprise capital firms on the earth, they began an organization called QuantumScape (QS). 

Twelve years later, that company has solved the solid-state battery problem. 

Specifically, QuantumScape has found out find out how to reduce solid-state battery costs and eliminate the dendrite problem.

What’s more, it has employed an anode-less battery cell design. That eliminates anode manufacturing costs and brings QuantumScape’s all-in battery expenses to 17% lower than that of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

That is greater than just “talk.” QuantumScape is backing it up with real-world data.

In December 2020, the corporate released performance data for its endlessly battery technology. And it broadly underscored that these batteries are a whole game-changer.

The info, based on testing of single layer battery cells, shows that QuantumScape’s batteries:

  • Charge in a short time — you’ll be able to recharge them as much as 80% capability in only quarter-hour.
  • Last endlessly – they’re able to lasting tons of of hundreds of miles.
  • Work in any condition — the batteries worked even in a test at -30 degrees Celsius.

And that was just data based on single-layer testing.

In late 2021, QuantumScape illustrated that its endlessly battery performed in 4-layer formats as much as 800 charging cycles. 1 / 4 later, the corporate scaled successful results to 10-layer batteries as much as 800 cycles. And last 12 months, QuantumScape successfully demonstrated its 16-layer battery’s successful results at over 500 cycles. Those are total game-changing features within the EV battery world.

Plus, this past December, the corporate shipped its first 24-layer prototype lithium-metal battery cells to automotive manufacturers for testing. This can be a major step toward the commercialization of solid-state batteries.

In other words, the unimaginable is within the means of becoming possible. Eternally batteries have arrived.

In fact, QuantumScape stock offers an ideal technique to play the solid-state battery revolution. 

But consider it or not, QuantumScape stock is much from the only solid-state battery stock on the market with millionaire-maker potential.

The Final Word on the Eternally Battery

Solid-state batteries are the long run, they usually represent one of the crucial promising technological breakthroughs of the 2020s. 

Most individuals consider solid-state batteries as driving forward the EV Revolution. And they’ll – but they’re about so rather more than that. Just about every little thing you employ on daily basis — your electric vehicle, your smartphone, and your laptop – all use lithium-ion batteries. The solid-state battery will revolutionize all those devices, not only EVs. 

This can be a multi-trillion-dollar revolution within the making.

A number of the stock market’s biggest winners within the 2020s might be solid-state battery makers. 

QuantumScape projects as certainly one of those mega-winners. But it surely won’t be alone. And actually, it could not even be the largest winner…

Somewhat, that title is reserved for a tiny, completely unheard-of $3 stock that would win big as solid-state batteries make EVs ubiquitous. 

Discover all about it.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango didn’t have (either directly or not directly) any positions within the securities mentioned in this text.

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