Twitter Landlord Sues, Alleges Musk Stopped Paying HQ Rent

  • Twitter’s landlord in SF accused the corporate of skipping out on rent since December.
  • The rent amounted to roughly $3.4 million every month in December and January.
  •  It’s the most recent landlord scuffle for Twitter, which was sued within the UK by King Charles III’s firm.

The owner of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco says things have taken a turn since Elon Musk took over the platform

In a lawsuit filed this month in San Francisco state court, SRI Nine Market Square LLC, an entity related to the true estate company Shorenstein, accused Twitter of shirking its rent payments during the last two months, amounting to roughly $3.4 million in each December and January. The constructing is positioned at 1355 Market Street, where Twitter occupies several floors, based on the suit. 

The true estate firm said that it has gotten by thus far by utilizing Twitter’s letter of credit to assist cover a few of the unpaid rent, but that Twitter currently still owes some $3.2 million this month, based on the suit which was previously reported by the San Francisco Business Times.

The owner can be accusing Twitter of violating their agreement by allegedly refusing to lift the scale of its letter of credit since Musk officially bought the platform in October. The owner’s suit alleged that the change in ownership triggered a requirement for Twitter to extend the scale of its letter of credit, but noted that Twitter denied this was the case. 

Twitter corner.JPG

Twitter’s headquarters at 1355 Market Street, where its landlord is suing over unpaid rent.

Matt Rosoff

An email to Twitter’s press address and Musk’s tesla email address didn’t receive a response ahead of publication. Shorenstein declined to comment.

The lawsuit is the most recent since Musk imposed a change in style to running the platform, which has involved shedding 1000’s of employees and reportedly not paying rent. Earlier this month, the owner of Twitter’s Hartford Constructing at 650 California Street, sued the social media company over some $136,260 in unpaid rent. 

Plainly not even royalty is secure from Twitter’s alleged rent shenanigans. Within the UK, an actual estate firm for King Charles III is also pursuing claims against Twitter there for unpaid rent. 

Twitter has also been sued by laid off employees alleging that they weren’t being offered the severance package they’d expected based on the assurances of Twitter’s former management before Musk’s takeover. 

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