What’s Happening? Musk Deposition Delayed, Berlin Fire and the Involvement of Paid Influencers

Tesla Daily: Possible Twitter Acquisition, Gigafactory Fire, and Updates from China

The final week of Q3 has arrived, and Tesla Daily has covered a variety of topics in its latest YouTube script. The following article will delve into the most important news and updates from Tesla Daily’s latest video. It includes a possible Twitter acquisition, a Giga Berlin fire, updates from China, and many more.

Twitter Acquisition

Tesla Daily began with news regarding the ongoing Twitter acquisition. The video explains that both Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Barak Agarwal were scheduled to give their depositions in the ongoing Twitter dispute in the first half of the week. However, both rescheduled their depositions. According to Bloomberg, the news resulted in Twitter’s stock price rising, but Tesla’s stock didn’t seem to react much.

Tesla Daily suggests that the market has realized that even if the acquisition goes through, Elon Musk probably won’t need to sell any more Tesla stock. This sentiment implies that if the Twitter acquisition doesn’t go through, there may be some upside from Elon potentially buying back into Tesla.

Tesla Daily also mentions a report by the New York Post. A source close to the situation said that no settlement was immediately expected, and both Musk and Agarwal would still be deposed later in the week, contrary to the rumors circulating on social media.

Giga Berlin Fire

Another update provided by Tesla Daily is regarding a minor fire that broke out overnight at Giga Berlin. The fire reportedly involved 800 cubic meters of paper, cardboard, and wood. Tesla Daily states that fortunately, the incident was external and occurred during an on-site recycling process that was separate from the factory’s production process. No injuries were reported. However, the Strausbergner Water Association became concerned that extinguishing water runoff seemed to enter unpaved areas and, thus, potentially contaminating groundwater.

Updates from China

Tesla Daily shares multiple updates from China in its video. First, China has extended its new energy vehicle purchase tax exemption through the end of 2023. Although the news formalizes something that was already reported last week, this extension is expected to have a significant impact on potential orders in China.

The other update from China was shared by Tesla Roddy. The company’s report suggested that Tesla China is looking to deliver over 80,000 vehicles this month. However, Tesla Daily points out that the report is more vague than how Tesla Roddy put it. The report says that domestic deliveries are expected to reach 80,000 to 90,000 units per month, which is a pretty wide range. Therefore, Tesla Daily doesn’t see any new insights from this update.

Short Film on Self-Driving Technology

Furthermore, Tesla Daily provides insight into a forthcoming short film on Elon Musk and self-driving technology. The film reportedly seeks 75 to 100 actors with a strong social media presence following to read and self-record a new 10- to 15-minute monologue from a script that includes things like calling Musk a billionaire promoter of distracted driving.


In conclusion, Tesla Daily provides an essential update on various topics. In the final week of Q3, Tesla continues to face multiple challenges, including the ongoing Twitter acquisition dispute, a minor fire at Giga Berlin, and updates from China. Tesla’s stock price rose slightly, outperforming the NASDAQ, despite the lack of significant changes in the stock market today. All eyes will now be on AI Day, which is set to occur on the final day of the quarter, Friday. Tesla will likely release its Q3 delivery and production numbers sometime on Sunday morning.

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