Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta Is Now Available To Everyone In The U.S.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving set of features is now available to all Tesla drivers in North America, Elon Musk announced on Thursday.

There are a few caveats, though. FSD is barely available in Teslas which have the required hardware, and just for drivers who’ve bought the FSD option, which currently costs $15,000 for those who buy it individually. If all those requirements are satisfied, drivers can then request the feature from the automobile’s screen, Musk said.

Full-Self Driving is a set of features that, ideally, brings Tesla cars very near autonomous driving, with the motive force entering a destination into the navigation system, and the automobile driving there by itself, though the motive force needs to be able to take over in any respect times.

The feature was originally launched as a really limited release, and was later expanded to drivers who satisfy Tesla’s “Safety Rating” requirements. Now, as Teslascope noticed earlier today, the most recent version of the software comes without those requirements.

The news will certainly caught the attention of regulators, which weren’t too completely happy about Tesla widely releasing a “beta” version of an autonomous driving package, especially one which has had various documented issues, including phantom braking troubles.

Meanwhile, Tesla has been steadily increasing the worth of FSD, with Musk once claiming the worth of FSD will “probably be in excess of $100,000” after it’s approved by regulators, presumably as it’ll allow owners to place their cars to work as robotaxis.

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