Tesla’s recent Model Y colours now available in Europe

By the point Tesla opened its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg last 12 months, CEO Elon Musk had already teased plans for a world-class auto paint shop that may be unique to the German plant. Because the factory’s opening, Tesla has already unveiled its first two special colours from the Grünheide plant — each of which at the moment are available in Europe.

Above: Tesla’s Model Y (Image: Tesla)

Tesla’s midnight cherry red paint and quicksilver options have develop into available for Model Y buyers in Europe, with Tesla’s online order configurator now showing delivery timelines for the colours, in response to Teslarati. The midnight cherry red paint coat was first spotted by Tesla Owners Club France, just months after the colour was unveiled alongside the quicksilver option.

The midnight cherry red Model Y units currently have estimated delivery timelines starting from June to August 2023 across European and Middle Eastern countries.

The paint color comes as a 3,200-euro ($3,459) upgrade, and is just available as a paint option with the Model Y Performance and Long Range variants. Midnight cherry red can be only available in European and Middle Eastern countries in the meanwhile, because it have to be developed using Giga Berlin’s next-generation paint shop.

The paint shop at Tesla’s Giga Berlin includes what Musk has called the “world’s most advanced paint shop,” using multi-layered paint coats that may offer many tremendous layers of paint for added complexity.

Midnight cherry red’s counterpart, quicksilver, also began showing up on the corporate’s order configurator recently.

Model Y units sporting the quicksilver color have been making their rounds at showrooms across Europe and the upgrade paint color comes at the marginally more cost-effective upgrade price of three,000 euros ($3,247). Moreover, it offers a shorter estimated delivery timeline, starting from March to May of 2023.

It isn’t clear if Tesla ever plans to supply the exclusive colours to markets outside of the continent, though even when it does, they’re unlikely to be produced at its factories in Shanghai, China, Fremont, California or Austin, Texas unless they expand their paint shops. Musk has also said up to now that recent colours can be coming to North America, though it’s not clear when or in the event that they can be the identical colours because the currently-exclusive German-built Model Ys.

Musk and Tesla unveiled recent paint colours in 2020, as spotted within the automaker’s internal app code strings. The colours were called deep crimson, abyss blue and mercury silver, though no estimated date was shared for the paint options, nor where they might be produced or sold. Nevertheless, Musk was spotted driving a Model S in what seemed to be the deep crimson color, and he even stated that it was becoming his favorite Tesla paint color.

For now, Tesla’s newest colours include the quicksilver and midnight cherry red options, only available in select countries. But amidst rumors of demand issues and other barriers to Tesla’s continued success, the paint options will likely be met with interest from consumers, expanding what’s available to buyers.


Source: Teslarati / Twitter

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