The Boring Company is busy with apparent recent test tunnel in Bastrop site

Aerial footage of The Boring Company’s site in Bastrop, Texas, has shown that the tunneling startup is busy with what appears to be a brand new test tunnel. A brief video taken of the positioning suggests that The Boring Company’s tunneling technology is inching forward. 

Like other Elon Musk-related endeavors, The Boring Company has goals that lie far beyond its existing operations. Musk has touted the tunneling startup’s innovations as a possible approach to solve traffic and concrete congestion. Avid followers of Musk’s corporations also speculate that The Boring Company’s technology could also be used as a part of SpaceX’s Mars colonization plans. 

A key a part of The Boring Company’s technology today is Prufrock, its all-electric tunnel-boring machine. Prufrock is designed to revolutionize tunnel digging, operating far quicker than conventional tunnel boring machines out there. As noted by The Boring Company on its official website, “Prufrock’s medium-term goal is to exceed 1/10 of human walking speed, which is 7 miles per day.” 

Based on a video posted by Chap Ambrose, who currently resides beside The Boring Company’s Bastrop site, the testing of Prufrock is well underway. Ambrose only shared a brief drone flyover of the positioning, but one could see a gradual stream of dirt coming out of a conveyor system. Based on the video, it appeared that Prufrock was busy flexing its digging muscles on the time the video was taken. 

Ambrose noted that the tunnel being dug in his video is the second test tunnel that The Boring Company has inbuilt its Bastrop site. This may increasingly thoroughly be true, considering that in October 2022, Elon Musk posted a video of Prufrock “porpoising” from the bottom. On the time, the tunnel boring machine may need just accomplished its first tunnel. 

The Boring Company may not attract the identical amount of stories coverage as Elon Musk’s other corporations, but its work is kind of exciting nonetheless. To this point, The Boring Company is busy constructing out the Vegas Loop, an underground public transportation system in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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