The world’s first Tron Tesla

Within the early eighties, a cult film following developed across the movie Tron. The film’s computer graphics used backlit animation combined with computer animation to create a signature “look” that was each sleek and striking. Although other science fiction movies at the moment like Blade Runner and Star Wars (a couple of years earlier) created their very own unique worlds, Tron had a glance unlike anything ever seen before on film. The cult movie even had its own follow-up sequel, Tron: Legacy, in 2010. Now, one Tesla owner in Italy has taken the Tron aesthetic and transformed his own Model S.

Source: Nicola Franceschi*

Although his comments (and contemporaries) are all Italian, Nicola Franceschi* describes himself in English in the next manner on Instagram: “I’m a book printer, a trader (only after I gain), and sometimes I similar to to make shoes.” Now he can add yet another identifier — owner of the world’s first Tron Tesla. Nicola contacted me (via direct message on Instagram) with a picture of the work he was doing to remodel his Tesla (see the primary image below). And try additional images of his Tron transformation within the photos that follow…

Source: Nicola Franceschi*

Nicola didn’t get into details on how he created his Tron look except to say he added “reflective stripes” which we’re assuming was completed with reflective tape. Electrek just reported on a Tron look (on an all-electric Zero SR Motorcycle) that may provide some ideas. Granted, we have seen a Tesla with an incredible electroluminescent paint job within the film Racing Extinction. We have even witnessed a Darth Vader and Stormtrooper-themed Star Wars look from one other Model S owner. But Nicola’s Tron Tesla is really out of this world. Nevertheless, we’ve got to give some credit to Tesla’s Gigafactory (and battery) partner, Panasonic. Why? Take a look at this prior video footage…


Youtube: Paweł Borkowicz

It seems that Panasonic had joined forces with The Projection Studio (led by visual artist Ross Ashton) to create a Tron-like 3D projection mapping onto a Tesla Model S on the Integrated Systems Europe expo last yr in AmsterdamThat said, the projection-based Tron lighting “effect” Pansonic used was just one component of their comprehensive light show. Nicola can still claim his Tron Tesla as the world premiere — bravo Nicola! You’ve got definitely created a Tesla aesthetic that may look pretty cool in the following Tron movie.


*Instagram: @nicfranceschi

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