Watch Tesla’s ‘Investor Day’ livestream here

Tesla is holding its 2023 Investor Day presentation today, starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern, and you may watch it right here. We’re not exactly sure what form of announcements Elon Musk will make on the event, which Tesla is hosting at its Tesla Gigafactory, but there are some hopes and expectations. In fact, we are able to expect messages of confidence and hopefulness, together with Musk’s most up-to-date version of his so-called Master Plan. Many hope to listen to about plans for a cheaper Tesla EV, potentially called Model 2, now that the corporate is in a greater place to develop and construct a brand new entry model.

Surely, we’ll hear more about Tesla’s plans for a “fully sustainable energy future” that goes beyond just constructing electric cars. This may likely include more about energy storage and vehicle automation, the lattter having posed a challenge to the automaker of late. We’re also more likely to hear more about Tesla Semi production and deliveries, in addition to an updated status on the Cybertruck.

Join us here at 4 p.m. Eastern to look at together with us, as Tesla give us the newest glimpse into its crystal ball. Needs to be interesting.

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