Could Tesla’s Dojo computer turn out to be an air traffic control for Tesla cars?

Could Tesla’s Dojo computer turn out to be an air traffic control for Tesla vehicles? This was an interesting query asked during Tesla’s Cyber Roundup event earlier tonight. One in every of the shareholders who attended asked Elon Musk,

“Industrial aircraft have something called ACAS where aircraft relay telemetry of their position between each other to stop a collision.”

“So, taking this to a better level, do you see Teslas communicating with each other and Dojo turning into some type of ultimate air traffic control for Tesla, supply chains and robo taxi?”

This query appeared to encourage Elon Musk who said that he hadn’t thought of it but that the concept was an interesting one. He also spoke about Tesla’s goals with Dojo which is to be really good at video traning.

Dojo is the third or 4th strongest computing center on this planet for AI training.

Elon Musk said that Dojo was the fourth or possibly the third most power computing center on this planet for AI training. He added that it was possibly approaching the third strongest and that it could possibly be at the extent at this point.

“So, our first goal with Dojo is to make it competitive and be simpler at neural net training than a complete bunch of GPUs.”

“We would get there soon-ish. After which, in fact, it may well be used for a lot of other neural net training tasks. It’s a pc designed from the bottom as much as be optimized for neural net training which never has been done before.”

Dojo computer doing traffic control?

Elon mused over the concept of Dojo doing traffic control for Teslas. he added that there could be some merits for enablinb Teslas to speak with each other. Nonetheless, this won’t be needed for Full Self-Driving.

“For a very long time, the overwhelming majority of cars on the road will likely be manually driven so the worth of Tesla-to-Tesla communication is just not that top apart from perhaps communicating traffic issues or accidents, potholes, things that could be helpful to a road closures that type of thing.”

“So, it’s such as you’re getting real-time–a Tesla ahead of you has seen a road closure and also you get that real-time update to your automobile so that you don’t get stuck within the road closure situation.”

“That’s the type of stuff that I believe we definitely are working on without delay.”



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