Elon Musk in the hunt for AI research team to challenge ChatGPT

Elon Musk is within the strategy of looking for AI researchers to hitch a team to create a ChatGPT competitor.

If OpenAI has proven anything over the past 2-3 months, it’s that AI might be profitable and doesn’t must be an unending research project without market implementation. This sudden realization not only attracted the investment of Microsoft but has reinvigorated traditional rivals Google, Amazon, and others. Now, in keeping with a leaked report from The Information, Elon Musk is trying to get back into the combination.

Elon Musk, a co-founder of the OpenAI non-profit in 2015, has since distanced himself from the project, leaving its Board of Directors in 2018. Since then, he has shared a mixture of admiration and skepticism regarding OpenAI’s first massively successful project, ChatGPT. At one point, Musk called the enterprise “scary good” but has since criticized Microsoft’s implementation of the product in its Bing search engine.

The Information reports that Musk has since taken to Silicon Valley in the hunt for AI researchers to hitch his team. One such researcher, ex-Google AI project leader Igor Bubuschkin, was reportedly approached by Musk but has yet to “officially sign on.”

Elon Musk has not officially announced his intention to begin this potential AI project, though it will not be his only company specializing in the technology. Tesla is currently the clear leader within the auto industry in implementing artificial intelligence, while Twitter, Musk’s most up-to-date acquisition, has previously worked with AI within the social media space.

It stays unclear how Musk intends to make use of his AI project, but there are definitely loads of use cases inside his quite a few corporations; Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX. But what is evident is that his window of entering the market is rapidly closing as other competitors scoop up top researching talent.

Despite quite a few layoffs in Tech over the past 4 months, a hiring frenzy has surrounded the AI world, showing how interested many tech corporations are.

Sam Altman, one other co-founder and current CEO of OpenAI, has yet to react to this explosion of interest and has not commented on Musk’s potential project either. Nevertheless, along with his investment from Microsoft, others, and his team, Altman likely has his hands full as his now flourishing organization takes a powerful leadership position available in the market.

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