Investing in Domain Names: The Power of Creativity

When investing in domain names, sometimes it does help to get creative, especially if you are going after brand new .coms that may not have been registered yet. For example, the was taken and is approximately a 7-digit domain name, but with a little bit of ingenuity, I merely replaced a zero with an O and got the with a zero in it for almost nothing.

Building a Unique Web Portfolio

I intend to build on that site and also create my Web3 portfolio as the GOAT and was able to get all 11 of the unstoppable domains and was also able to get the .wtf and .com for the GOAT. So now, in building my X-profile, I will be able to point all of my users to my similar named sites for future purposes for whatever projects I intend to build.

The Strategy Behind Domain Investing

So, remember when investing in a domain, especially if it’s going to be one that you’re going to use as your permanent identity, try to come up with something creative and short and to the point of what you plan on doing if you can. Try not to pay too much because domain investing is a very speculative game and can be very peculiar towards letters and companies can be looking for very specific items.


Maximizing Value from Your Domain Name

So, somebody will grab it, grab a different domain. But if you are planning on using it for your own identity and building something on the site because that’s what the value of domains truly comes down to is what you’re able to build and how you’re able to market your domain name. That’s why a lot of them go for big money is because they already have a term in them is highly searched.

Creating an Identity and Building a Brand

So, don’t be afraid to be creative, especially if you’re building it for your own identity purposes as I intend to do with the GOAT. It will be my social media portfolio from here on out and it will also eventually become a source of revenue as I plan on becoming verified and try to teach people on how to create sustainable income with social media in the future.

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