Second Tesla Supercharger under construction in Nanaimo [British Columbia]

Credit: Shane Demmitt | Facebook

A brand new Tesla Supercharger has been discovered under construction in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This can be a little bit of a surprise as Nanaimo will not be listed on Tesla’s map as an upcoming location, nonetheless it’s sorely needed because it is just the third Supercharger station on all of Vancouver Island.

The brand new station was spotted under construction by Shane Demmitt, who shared a photograph of the development on the Tesla Owners Club Vancouver Island Facebook group on Friday afternoon. In accordance with Demmitt the Supercharger is situated in front of the Original Joe’s restaurant within the car parking zone of the Country Club Center (3200 North Island Hwy).

Based on the photo it appears as if this might be least a six stall Supercharger, and presumably a V3 station that’s capable of charge at hurries up to 250kW, making it the primary V3 Supercharger, and just the third Supercharger overall on Vancouver Island.

This recent Supercharger in Nanaimo is situated just 6km away from the present Nanaimo Supercharger at Woodgrove Center, which first opened nearly six years ago in July 2017. That site features only 8 V2 stalls able to peak charging at 150kW, nevertheless it is regularly fully occupied meaning charging speeds are reduced to 75kW as power is shared between stalls.

The one other Supercharger on Vancouver Island is in Victoria, where a 16 stall Supercharger is situated on the Uptown Shopping Center. Remarkably this is simply an Urban Supercharger able to max charging speeds of 75kW, despite Victoria having considered one of the very best concentrations of Tesla owners per capita in North America.

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