Tesla Cybertruck and Semi go face to face outside Giga Texas [Video]

Credit: @adityasaielsh | Twitter

Tesla had not less than two of the newest Cybertruck beta production builds at Investor Day yesterday, giving us a close-up have a look at some never before seen features. After the event was all said and done one among those Cybertrucks went face to face against the Tesla Semi in what looks to be a promotional video for Tesla.

From what we are able to tell the Cybertruck that Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen took for a spin on the grounds of Giga Texas last night was the one involved within the drag race. We understand it is one among the newest beta production builds due to the recent side mirror design that was first spotted last month.

In line with a video shared on Twitter the Cybertruck lined up side by side against a white Semi on the perimeter road outside Giga Texas. To not be not noted the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y also took part within the race organising behind the pair, with only the Roadster, either the unique or the new edition, missing from the party.

On go the Semi keeps pace, even appearing to tug barely ahead of the Cybertruck. We don’t know what’s “under the hood” of this particular Cybertruck, but given there have been numerous people around and this looks to be a promotional video the drivers likely weren’t going full out.

When it was announced the Cybertruck tri-motor design was said to have a 2.9 second 0-60mph time, or within the dual-motor configuration a time of 4.5 seconds (6.5 seconds for the one motor, which isn’t any longer going to be built).

The Semi isn’t any slouch relating to reaching 60mph either. Now that the Semi is within the hands of PepsiCo Tesla has only published the electrical class 8 truck’s 0 to 60mph time when fully loaded at 82,000lbs, saying it might achieve that feat in 20 seconds (it takes about 1 minute for a standard diesel semi to do the identical). Nevertheless when it was first unveiled in 2017 CEO Elon Musk said it could reach 60mph in 5 seconds when not pulling a trailer, and judging from the video that also seems plausible.

Provided that the total Tesla lineup was involved on this race hopefully we’ll see a more official video from Tesla on this race. You possibly can take a look at the total video below. *Updated so as to add a second video, wherein we are able to clearly see a drone, so this looks prefer it was arrange for an official video from Tesla.

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