Tesla installs and tests first Magic Dock on Supercharger in Recent York ahead of opening network to other EVs

Credit: u/Fxsx24 | Reddit

The primary Magic Dock has been spotted installed at a Tesla Supercharger in Recent York, just just a few miles away from the Supercharger factory in Buffalo. The Magic Dock includes an integrated CCS adapter that may allow other electric vehicles (EVs) to make use of the Supercharger network.

We’ve got known for a while that Tesla can be opening their Supercharger network to other EVs within the US. They’ve been doing this in Europe since November 2021, however it is simpler there because the CCS plug is the usual in that region. It’s tougher within the US as Tesla uses their formerly proprietary plug now often known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

To get around this Tesla got here up with the Magic Dock, a tool which could be easily retrofitted to existing Superchargers. It features a CCS adapter that could be unlocked for owners of non-Tesla EVs, but keeps the stall usable for Tesla owners because the NACS connector will still be available for them.

Tesla has not officially announced the Magic Dock, but they did unintentionally (or on purpose?) leak it within the mobile app just a few weeks ago. Today we get our first have a look at the Magic Dock within the wild after they were spotted on the Supercharger in Verona, Recent York. In response to photos taken and shared by Reddit user u/Fxsx24, it appears as if all 12 stalls have had the Magic Dock added.

Tesla engineers were also on-site testing the Magic Dock with a Rivian R1T, although they declined to substantiate or deny what they were doing when asked by the Redditor. Nonetheless the signs which were installed alongside each Supercharger don’t exactly hide what the brand new device does – “Scan for instructions to charge a non-Tesla.”

If any of our readers are in the realm and may try the Magic Docks on the Verona Supercharger for us, please send us some photos to suggestions@driveteslacanada.ca or tag us on Twitter (@driveteslaca).


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