Tesla Poised to Shine at Upcoming Investor Day

The upcoming Tesla (ticker: TSLA) investor event on March 1 is very anticipated. Many essential topics will probably be discussed, but one of the essential things Wall Street wants to listen to is the revealing of a brand new, inexpensive Tesla automotive. The Model 3 sedan helped propel Tesla to the forefront of the auto industry, but many analysts imagine the corporate needs so as to add one other low-priced vehicle to succeed in the subsequent level of success.

The event is bound to have loads of interesting news in store, but the main target is more likely to be on the automaker’s strategy for the longer term, specifically regarding its plans to unveil a brand new inexpensive vehicle and increase production of the corporate’s solar roof, cyber truck, and electric semi. The discussion about future plans is bound to be an interesting one as Tesla looks to stay competitive and profitable.

Tesla’s strong presence within the green energy space and its increasingly strong money flow suggests that the automaker is well-positioned to realize long-term success, but adding a low-priced vehicle to their portfolio is seen as a key component for future success. Other than the potential recent product launch, Tesla’s rising power business and increasing money flow are sure to be discussed on the upcoming event.

The Tesla Powerwall, which stores energy created by solar panels, and other battery-powered energy systems have gained traction out there, and have supplemented the revenue stream while also helping to cut back carbon emissions. One other revenue stream that is bound to be discussed is the growing services business.

Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” package and its “Premium Connectivity” plan passed the notable milestone of $1,000 a vehicle, and proceed to be a significant income for Tesla. The upcoming investor event will probably be a fantastic opportunity for analysts, investors, and consumers to realize insight into the automaker’s plans for the longer term.


Wall Street is looking forward to hearing news concerning the release of an inexpensive Tesla and the production of the corporate’s solar roof, cyber truck, and electric semi, however the discussion of Tesla’s increasing power business, cashflow, and services will even be a very important a part of the event. All of this information is bound to have a significant impact on the longer term of the corporate.

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