What’s the story of Nikola Tesla’s “missing” notebook?

The story of Nikola Tesla’s missing notebook is a mysterious tale that has been the topic of much speculation. It began within the late nineteenth century when Tesla was working on the invention of the alternating current electric motor. He claimed to have written a notebook that contained the secrets to his invention, however the notebook was never found.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla’s mysterious notebook has develop into a source of debate amongst historians, inventors, and others who’re fascinated by the inventor’s life and work. Many consider that the notebook contained a revolutionary discovery, something that will have modified the course of history. Some have suggested that the notebook contained the plans for a perpetual motion machine, a tool that might generate an infinite amount of energy. Others have speculated that the notebook contained plans for Tesla’s own version of the radio or a type of wireless communication.


The mystery of Tesla’s missing notebook has been the topic of much speculation, but the reality of the matter is that the notebook’s whereabouts remain unknown. Some consider that Tesla was forced to destroy his notebook by his business rivals, while others contend that it was stolen. Still others consider that the notebook could have been misplaced or hidden away.

The talk over the missing notebook has develop into something of an obsession for some. Researchers have combed through Tesla’s personal records and looked for clues, however the mystery stays unsolved. Some have even gone to this point as to suggest that the notebook is hidden in a secret vault somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

The story of Tesla’s missing notebook is one in every of mystery and intrigue. While the precise contents of the notebook remain a mystery, it is obvious that it contained something of great importance to Tesla and will have modified the course of history. Whether the notebook is ever found or not, it’s a reminder of the genius of Tesla and his ability to think beyond the boundaries of conventional science.

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